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CEAI solves the world’s largest and most timely industry problems using AI.

We build vertical AI startups that connect Silicon Valley markets and Central European talent.




Climate change insurance,
Supply chain insurance,
Predictions from satellite imagery,
Optimizing clinical trials.

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Important, intriguing and untouched problems in every industry can be solved with AI-powered products.

The right markets with the right people at the right time.

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Global Impact

  • Creating $1bn+ companies solving the most important global problems like climate change, clinical trials, financial crimes, and supply chain.
  • Access global markets with a deep sales network in big industries driven from Silicon Valley.

Learn Constantly

  • Work in a world class machine learning, systems, product, design, and business team with ownership mentality and distributed responsibilities.
  • Grow your career with Silicon Valley management, advisors, and offices that focus on turbocharging your personal growth.

Fascinating Challenges

  • We have many interesting startups, and we’re always aligning what’s most challenging to you with what’s most impactful in creating value.
  • Unique projects and execution style in machine learning, distributed systems, product engineering, product management, design, sales, management, and people.

San Francisco

  • 665 3rd St #150,
  • San Francisco, CA 94107
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  • Michalská 12,
  • 81101 Bratislava
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  • Myslíkova 171/31,
  • 11000 Prague
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