CEAI is a Vertical AI Studio

We build startups in industries such as finance, biotech & healthcare, and sustainability & energy, where there is a demonstrated opportunity to use AI tools with sources of proprietary data, tightly connected to subject matter expertise.


Merlon Intelligence

Merlon Intelligence

Merlon screens and monitors KYC/AML identity risk for financial institutions. Having delivered a fully working product for a leading global bank in less than a year, our first venture was able to reduce false positives in customer risk screenings by 80%.

Tower Street

Tower Street

Tower Street evaluates security maturity and underwrites policies for large corporates. A team of 5 was able to deliver the first working prototype in 6 months, leading to negotiations with a global reinsurance company.



HealthMode recruits and virtualizes clinical trials for pharma companies. The ultimate goal is a shorter drug time to the market and significant cost savings in clinical trials.

Babcock & Bonbright

Babcock & Bonbright

Babcock & Bonbright performs real estate appraisal for banking, insurance, and investment. It makes the entire process easier, faster, more scalable and objective.



Upcoming startups include mental health care, climate change risk management, solar energy, and smart contracts for securing insurance and derivative risk transfers.

Leadership Team

Bradford Cross
  • Bradford Cross
  • CEO
  • 15+ years of company building and investing at the intersection of AI and financial services
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Andrej Danko
  • Andrej Danko
  • 15+ years of building global products touching millions of people
  • LinkedIn
Ann Hofvander
  • Ann Hofvander
  • director of ops
  • 20+ years of building corporate and start up organizations globally
  • LinkedIn
Andrej Danko
  • Amit Rathore
  • 15+ years of building products and companies
  • LinkedIn
Andrej Danko
  • Martin Vejmelka
  • 10+ years of applied research in understanding complex systems
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Jakub Klimes
  • Jakub Klimes
  • Operations Manager
  • 8+ years of setting up and scaling successful IT companies
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We are successfully leveraging our global network and connecting technical excellence of Central Eastern Europe with business expertise and financial resources in the US to build products that truly matter. In the past 18 months, we have grown by 500% to a company of 100+ people defined by a hardworking and generally awesome culture.

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